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Vermont & NH Dog Bite Lawyer

Vermont & NH Dog Bite Lawyer
At Cullenberg & Tensen, P.L.L.C., we know firsthand that a dog bite injury is a serious matter. Certain dog breeds have unbelievably powerful jaws that can serious injury in just a few quick seconds.

Dog bites to the face, neck, and head may be fatal or cause disfigurement. Dog bite victims may need extensive medical care, including reconstructive surgery or emergency surgery to repair broken arteries. Excessive blood loss may lead to symptoms of shock, trauma, and even death. Some of the more common types of canines we see involved in attacks include:

Pit Bull Terriers
Doberman Pinchers
German Shepherds
It is sometimes the seemingly mild-mannered animals that attack, especially if allowed out of their normal habitat or comfort zone. Under the wrong circumstances, any type of dog may be capable of causing serious harm.

Dog Owner Responsibility

Vermont and New Hampshire laws require dog owners to take responsibility for the safety of others in the presence of their dogs. In other words, dog owners may be held responsible for financial compensation if their dog inflicts serious personal injury on you or your loved one.

In the majority of dog bite cases we handle, the owners of the animals are directly responsible for the damage done. If the dog owner has homeowners’ insurance, your dog bite injuries will generally be covered. If a dog is in the care of a person who is not the owner, the caretaker may be held responsible for injuries resulting from a bite.

Legal Considerations

Our experienced Vermont and New Hampshire dog bite lawyer handle a large amount of dog bite claims. We understand the nuances of local Vermont and New Hampshire dog bite laws; this can greatly increase the likelihood of a successful financial recovery in your claim. Our attorneys will provide you with highly personalized, aggressive representation in order to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury after being attacked by a dog, please contact our Vermont and New Hampshire dog bite lawyer today to schedule your free initial consultation.
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