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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is intended to provide financial support to those who previously worked but are currently unable to do so as a result of a qualifying mental or physical disability.

Although it is not necessary to work with an attorney in applying for SSDI benefits, consulting with the New Hampshire Social Security disability attorneys at Cullenberg & Tensen prior to submitting an SSDI claim can help ensure your application is thoroughly documented and properly filed. Approximately two-thirds of all initial SSDI applications are denied, many of them due to incomplete forms or inadequate documentation.

SSDI Appeals

In addition to helping first-time SSDI applicants, the New Hampshire Social Security lawyers at Cullenberg & Tensen can also guide those whose initial claims were denied through the appeals process.

If you believe you have a valid SSDI claim that was wrongfully denied, the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides four levels of appeal:
  • Reconsideration: Your application is evaluated by a new caseworker, and additional evidence supporting your claim may be submitted
  • Hearing: If your application is rejected in the Reconsideration phase, you can request that your claim be reviewed by an administrative law judge
  • Appeals Council: If your claim is denied again at your Hearing, you may ask for the Social Security Appeals Council to examine your claim; while the Appeals Council looks at all requests for review, it may deny your claim before a hearing if it believes the administrative law judge’s decision was correct
  • Federal Court Review: If you believe your claim is legitimate despite rejections at the previous levels, you may file a lawsuit in a federal district court
Time is critical when appealing denied SSDI claims. You typically have only a limited time period to appeal a rejected application.

How a Social Security Lawyer can HELP

Regardless of whether you’re filing a first-time application for SSDI, submitting a claim for Reconsideration or appealing a denied claim, you have a greater chance of being approved for benefits with the help of a qualified Social Security Lawyer.

The New Hampshire SSDI lawyers at Cullenberg & Tensen understand the application process and know how to assemble the necessary documentation to comprehensively support your claim. We can also help you review and strengthen your claim if your first application was denied.

The rejection rate for SSDI claims increases when applications are appealed, and applicants who are represented by Social Security attorneys have a greater chance of success than those who attempt to navigate the complex process alone.

If you are unable to work due to a qualifying medical condition and need assistance with your SSDI application, please contact the New Hampshire personal injury lawyers at Cullenberg & Tensen for your free case evaluation. We proudly serve the areas of New Hampshire and Vermont.

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