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A paralysis injury can be devastating for your family, especially if you must provide financial support for your spouse or children. Paralysis injuries require extreme medical efforts, including extensive therapy, surgeries, and adaptive medical equipment.

Paralysis of the lower body (paraplegia) or all four limbs (quadriplegia) requires major lifestyle changes, and you may need the help of psychologists, psychiatrists, and other specialists to help you understand and accept the challenges ahead. While you and your family may face an intense emotional struggle when trying to cope with the paralysis and long-term care of a loved one, the reality of paying for medical treatment, rehabilitation, and extended care can often be overwhelming, if not financially devastating.

About Paralysis

Paralysis occurs when a part of the body is unable to move due to a lack of communication between the body part and the brain. Paralysis often occurs during severe accidents where brain injuries or spinal cord injuries caused irreparable damage. Our attorneys and staff have worked with paraplegic and quadriplegic clients, and we understand the amount of financial resources that are required to get you the high quality medical care necessary to monitor and treat paralysis for the long term.

Experiences Paralysis Lawyers

At Cullenberg & Tensen, P.L.L.C., we have seen far too many families deeply affected by paralysis and other catastrophic injuries. It can be both financially and emotionally difficult to deal with a temporary or permanent paralysis diagnosis, and we know how vital it is for you to receive damage payments promptly so that you can receive the appropriate medical care.

If you or a loved one is suffering from paralysis caused by an accident resulting from the negligence of another, our Vermont and New Hampshire personal injury lawyers can help you receive the compensation you deserve.  

Our experienced injury attorneys will fight aggressively to ensure that insurance companies offer you a fair and appropriate settlement. Our team possesses years of experience handling these complex cases, and we will represent your family with the same determination that we would use for our own family. 

Our lawyers understand that extensive preparation is crucial to securing a successful outcome to your claim. We will have a team of legal assistants and paralegals working diligently on your case during every step of the process to ensure that no detail is overlooked. However, our lawyers are also committed to providing the highest levels of personal attention. Therefore, you will also be working closely with one of our lawyers throughout your case. In this way, we are able to offer you the benefits of small firm representation while providing big firm results.

If you have suffered a paralysis injury caused by the negligence of another, please contact the Vermont and New Hampshire injury attorneys at Cullenberg & Tensen, P.L.L.C. today to schedule your free initial consultation.
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